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Reach out and touch your customer base using one or a combination of our services.

How could your business benefit from an additional flow of prospects? Diversify your marketing channels with Roar Direct Marketing today.

Let us manage your complicated print objectives. As a company, you may be faced with an extensive print workload that can become overwhelming. With so much on your plate, it can become easy to forget things or make mistakes. Our job is to take away that stress by managing your print tasks from A-to-Z.

Print Management


Leverage your time the right way
Spend time in your business on the things that matter the most. Don’t waste time managing remedial tasks like print jobs when you could be concentrating on growing your customer base and increasing your revenue. As the old saying goes, don’t work in your business, work on your business. Essentially, this means it’s more worthwhile to focus on growing and scaling your operation than completing nominal time consuming tasks. Let us help you center your focus on 10X growth while we efficiently manage your print jobs the right way.

Sophisticated software that increases efficiency and decreases lead time
In order to increase efficiency, minimize mistakes and decrease print times, we utilize sophisticated software. By leveraging incredible software geared towards streamlining your workflow, print management becomes smarter and simpler. The truth is, as humans we make mistakes. Placing our faith in innovative software systems helps to maximize the efficient printing of all types of print materials.


Over the years, direct mail has become one of the most popular forms of customer outreach. As far as marketing is concerned, there are very few marketing channels that can compete with the efficiency of direct mail. Our campaigns achieve success because we understand how sales copy and design can impact your conversions.

Direct Mail Services

Nothing beats direct mail
Direct mail marketing is a time tested form of advertising that works. Companies regularly spend hundreds if not thousands on direct mail marketing campaigns because results equal profits. Some companies are satisfied with a 5% conversion on their direct mail marketing campaigns. This is generally accepted as good, however we strive to reach in between 5% and 20%. That is what separates Roar Direct Marketing from the rest.

Reach out and touch your customer where they feel comfortable
There are a lot of variables that go into a successful direct mail marketing campaign. We achieve success for our clients because we understand what it takes. Every detail and every word in your direct mail marketing campaign must be carefully evaluated and strategically created. Our experience has given us the proper knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work. Companies come to us because we have the data to support our decision making. We take the guessing out of the equation and allow you to understand how the data supports results.

Everything from customized pens and notebooks to even branded poker chips fall under the purview of promotional products. We can help you acquire a variety of high-quality promotional products to help spread your company name or brand around your local territory or even the world.

Promotional Products


From trade shows to giveaways
We can help you create promotional products designed to be used at your retail storefront, trade show, competition or even during a promotional giveaway. Elevate your business or brand to the next level by showing customers you care. Promotional products set the tone of success and allow prospects a tangible way of remembering your name. At Roar Direct Marketing, we have truly creative minds dedicated to helping you take your promotional products from conception to production. With our experience, creativity and your drive for success, we will truly create something special together.

Leverage powerful branding to win the hearts and minds of customers
Customers like to feel appreciated. Helping them to associate your business with the feeling of reciprocity, kindness and a genuine care will forever cement your company in the hearts and minds of customers as trustworthy. With promotional products, we will give customers a reason to remember you. The reason why promotional products are used the world over is because they work to permanently associate you with your industry or niche. That means when customers think about a service they need, the first thing that will come to mind is your name. A simple pen branded with your company becomes a psychological anchor every time your prospect reaches to write something down. This is powerful. This is marketing.

Graphic design is more than just pretty pictures and slick font. True graphic design serves as a method of eliciting a desirable response from prospects. Our incredible designers understand this and will work hand-in-hand with you to craft a unique concepts that will inspire emotion, admiration and inevitably customer loyalty.

Graphic Design


Professional designers waiting for you
Our team of professional designers love to help brainstorm impactful marketing messages. By combining slick persuasive copy with incredible graphics, we will truly deliver a campaign designed for results. At Roar Direct Marketing, we are extremely results oriented and laser focused on helping you achieve success.

We understand the psychology behind buying behavior
The most important aspect of graphic designing is understanding the psychology behind buyer behavior. Our years of experience have taught us how certain fonts and images elicit certain behaviors. As an example, the color red is typically used when trying to elicit an immediate response. The color red is also used in restaurant marketing to help create a sense of urgency when advertising deals, specials and discounts. The color blue has been well tested in inspiring trustworthiness and customer loyalty. You will notice the most medical advertisements incorporate the color blue as a base in their graphic design. Knowledge and tips like this serve to give us an advantage over our competition.

Why buy when you can rent. To help you get your marketing off the ground, we can rent you single use lists for certain geographical locations you’re interested in. Contact a representative today to discuss more about our list rentals.

List Rentals


Lower costs, increased flexibility
Renting a single use list helps to lower your cost and increase your overall marketing flexibility. There are many advantages to renting lists versus buying them. Renting allows you to test the waters and discover your formula for success. As a general rule of thumb, perfecting your perfect audience takes testing. We can help you find the perfect audience by renting lists and tweaking your messaging until you achieve optimized conversions.

High Quality, Targeted Leads
All of our leads are high-quality and guaranteed to help you scale. Don’t waste money on useless, out of date leads that won’t get you anywhere. We provide you with this opportunity to help you reach the prospects that matter. Half of marketing is targeting. Tell us which demographics you are interested in and we will put your list together.